Works in Progress 2014 – Ratrod cart

Working Title: ‘Ratrod-plough cart’

The inspiration for this cart-table came from the discovery of a set of street rod rims dating back to 1974, discovered in the forest of a property slated for development.Being made from magnesium where ‘mags’ took it’s name from – they were found in varying states of deterioration and were mounted on very rare ‘Astro GT Playboy’ rubber!

I decided to keep one of the facades of the tires for another project and proceeded to cut the tire apart (never again! – burning rubber is not fun to work with).

The rims themselves, had the outer layers cut off both as a means to size them for a table and to effectively move them away from their original context.  The axle is a vintage hex-bar salvaged from it’s previous life as a BC Hydro support beam.  Custom plates were plasma cut to accommodate bearings which attach to the rims and axle.  For the frame, a vintage farmers plough was reconfigured and combined with elements from about four other farm machines.   The last pictures are of a rough mockup prior to welding.